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Experience Quality International Procurement Services

We locate and secure the best types of resources for your projects to succeed.

We provide results-driven sourcing and procurement services to global clients. We help businesses and individuals source and procure what they need to ensure their supply chain is effective and efficient.

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Our Mission

To offer best practice procurement services through dedication, education, technology & Innovation and result-oriented team.

Our Vision

To become a highly sought-after international procurement organization known for due-diligent, quality, and fair-price services.

Our Strength Areas

Some of our strengths and capabilities are listed below:

  • Healthy business relationships with all stakeholders
  • Strict adherence to project schedules
  • Continual improvement through research and development and continuous training
  • Strategic partnerships for speedy implementation of service contracts.

Quality, Health, Safety and Environment (QHSE)

At Aleric International, we ensure we do not harm people or the environment. Our commitment to quality, health, safety and environment guides our everyday operations and actions and serves as an important benchmark for evaluating our staff and overall organization performance.

We are a dynamic and experienced team of Procurement and Project Management professionals.